Hi, I'm
Eric Robinson

I live and work in Brooklyn, New York.

I work at Tock, building iOS apps used by guests and operators of the world’s best restaurants.

  • Work

    I'm a product-focused software developer and designer with two decades of experience building beautiful and intuitive applications.

    I'm a staff engineer at Squarespace, where I the lead the iOS team for Tock - an industry leading reservation management platform. Before that I worked on the Squarespace app, building marketing tools, point-of-sale, and more.

    Places I've worked...

    iOS/Product/Design at REX.
    iOS at Samsung Accelerator.
    iOS Engineer at Flipboard.
    Developer/Product at Ultravisual.
    Developer at mDimension Technology.

  • Apps & Projects

    (and some commentary about each)


    Developer, UX Design, Product

    I was a senior iOS developer and UX designer at REX, a social recommendations app for finding a find a new place to eat, a movie to check out, or a new podcast to listen to. Search for and share anything, save interesting things to your vault, and link directly to content in other apps like Spotify, Netflix, and Hulu.

    Working on REX, I've learned a lot of new development approaches. The REX codebase heavily utilizes functional programming patterns, and MVVM architecture.


    Co-founder, Developer, Designer

    GIFs on the big screen. Browse dozens of hand-picked channels of hypnotic visuals, cute animals, topical memes, sports highlights, and more. Search to start a channel about anything else. Save the channels you like and make a playlist of your favorite GIFs.

    My first Apple TV app, made in collaboration with Skye. I've had a ton of fun designing and building this one. Related…


    Co-founder, Developer, Product

    Send targeted messages to friends and interest-based groups. Rich notifications allow responding with a single tap.

    Signals intended to add context to notifications and messaging, while still retaining the human touch missing from things like Google Now or IFTTT. We pushed the limits of what can be done with Apple's push notification service and heavily utilized the CoreLocation APIs to provide geo-targeted message delivery.

    This one hurts, co-founded with members of the Ultravisual team, we spent a good part of a year building and pitching this product. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure funding and the demands of life eventually forced me to seek a steady job.


    Developer, UX Design, Product

    Create time-limited social photo albums with friends and family. Developed under contract for the Samsung Accelerator.

    This project was also cancelled before release (Fall of 2015 is my season of failure apparently). However, I remain proud of the work I put into this project. As the sole developer on a new codebase, I was able to deliver a quality app on a tight schedule. I am also very happy to have learned Auto Layout, how to write custom cameras using AVFoundation, and otherwise expand my development skills during it's development.


    Developer, Product

    Shoot, edit, share, and collaborate on collections of beautiful visual media.

    My first project working with a large-ish team and still the one I'm most proud of. We iterated every view and interaction until it felt just right. Most of what I know about how to make performant, fluid UX I learned while making UV.

    lWlVl Festival

    All the things

    Schedule, playlist, and info app for the lWlVl electronic music festival.

    This app is no longer on the store as the festival is over, but a fun summer project with some nice visuals and interactions.


    An easy to integrate SoundCloud player for iOS apps. Developed as part of the lWlVl app.

    AJA Mini-Matrix


    Product catalog app for professional video hardware manufacturer. Developed under contract for AJA.

    My first iOS app. It's simple but I think it holds up ok. Core Data, remote JSON catalog updates, good bones.


    All the things

    An OS X utility for capturing, organizing, and formatting colors.

    My first native app for any platform, and still one I use every day when I'm working on software. I will always love ColorBot.


    Developer, Designer, Product

    Coordination of volunteer groups made easy. Provides groups which are typically wary of technology access to shared blogs, calendars, and a novel hybrid of spreadsheet and todo list.

    Released in 2007, this was the first consumer facing product I ever wrote. AFAIK it's still used by PTA groups in the Richmond, VA area.

  • Also...

    I (used to) blog about board games and podcast about The West Wing.